VibroAcoustic Therapy is a type of sound therapy that passes deep vibrations into the body via a table with embedded speakers.

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  • Muscle relaxation
  • Stress and pain reduction
  • Increased blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Improved body awareness
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The Healing Experience Lab provides equipment, customized vibration programs, training, and technical support to practitioners such as acupuncturists, aestheticians, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and other table-based therapeutic practices.

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Choose between preinstalled tables or add custom vibroacoustic modifications to your existing treatment tables.  Installation services available in the Scottsdale area.

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We have developed our vibroacoustic solutions in production clinical settings receiving feedback from hundreds of patients.  We know what works, and what things to look out for.


Vibroacoustic Therapy is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and the British Standards Institution (BSI), and is classified as class-II, low risk, and non-invasive.


There have been a number of scientific studies showing benefits of VA on a range of conditions from Fibromyalgia to Cerebral Palsy.

Free Consultation

We offer free consultations to help you decide how to seamlessly integrate vibroacoustic therapy into your existing offerings.  We will look at your existing tables to determine if they are a good fit for modification. We will also talk about your workflows and the points where added client relaxation will provide the most benefit.

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top five reasons to buyOUTSTANDING FEATURES

  1. 1
    Cost Efficient

    We can modify your existing table with kits starting at $500.  Comparable therapy tables with vibroacoustic elements cost considerably more.

  2. 2
    Local Support

    We are based in Scottsdale, AZ and can offer on-site installation, training, and support, unlike online vendors who will simply ship you a product and leave you to figure out how it works and how to integrate into your practice.

  3. 3

    Our staff has been trained in VibroAcoustic therapy by the VIBRAC institute of Finland, and we have experience treating hundreds of patients.  We can offer custom training packages to help your staff correctly administer vibroacoustic therapy as well as understand the contra-indications.

  4. 4
    Customization Options

    In addition to modifying existing therapy tables for vibroacoustics. We also offer pre-installed tables and pillows in a variety of sizes to meet your specific clinical needs.

  5. 5
    Very Best Vibrational Content

    Our VibroAcoustic Programs are among the very best in the industry.  These are not just everyday musical selection chosen at random.  These are specially sequenced frequencies based on the latest scientific literature and developed using state of the art tools to meet specific therapeutic goals.